Welcome to Main Line Flying Association

Main Line Flying Club

Main Line flying Association is a flying club based just outside of Philadelphia Pa at Wings Field (KLOM). It is member owned and operated. The goal of the association is to provide it’s members with a convenient means for private flying at the most economical rates. We share the benefit of aircraft ownership while sharing the expenses. All members participate in decisions concerning  upgrading and maintaining our aircraft.

Scheduling is easily done online or via phone with the online service Flight Circle. Members can take the aircraft for multiple days at no extra cost. We learn about owning and operating our own aircraft, but at a fraction of the cost. Membership is limited to ten members.

Our current aircraft a 1976 Skylane, 55M is fully IFR capable with GPS, autopilot two VOR receivers and glide-slope indicators. Factory new engine in 2015 along with a  new engine monitor. The aircraft is fully compliant with ADS-B out and we have a Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver for enhanced pilot situational awareness.

While we are not currently accepting new members, we do maintain a waiting list. Please feel free to contact us to be put on the list.

Email : mainlineflying@gmail.com