Aircraft and Membership Information

Aircraft Information

Our aircraft is a 1976 Cessna Skylane 182.  We install d a factory new engine in 2015 with a CRG30 engine monitor. The prop was rebuilt in 2014 along with a new governor. It is equipped with a Garmin 430W GPS, Century 2000, two axes auto-pilot with a SAM II GPS steering unit. In addition a Garmin GTX330 transponder and GMA 340 audio panel. It was reciently updated with ASD-B out. We have a Stratus II for ADS-B in. Interior was updated in 2009. No damage history and is a very nice IFR platform. GPS database is keep updated monthly. In general monthly dues pays for Insurance, hanger, GPS database, on-line reservation system, and a reserve for annual inspections.

Mainline flying aircraft.
N9155M in front of hanger.

Membership Information

Main Line Flying association is a members owned and operated non-profit association. The association was started in 1964 and has operated continuously out of Wings Field. Our goal is to operate a safe reliable aircraft at reasonable cost. One volunteer member acts as our maintence office coordinating maintence issues and upgrades. All members participate in discussions and have an equal vote on decisions concerning the aircraft.  Because of our insurance policy we can not accept student pilots.

For more information please email us at: mainlineflying[AT]